Voluntary Service in Germany

Voluntary Service in Germany

We are very pleased to hear that you are interested in joining our V.S. Program.
You will find easy access to necessary general information by using our presearch in order to spot helpful AGENCIES close to your favourite area.
We will also provide help on how to apply for participating in our V.S Program.

Here we go:

You have a choice between three different types of participation.

FSJ means “Voluntary Social Year”

FÖJ means “Voluntary Ecological Year”

BFD means “Federal Voluntary Service”

You are expected to actively support a public – welfare – oriented institution like for example hospital, kindergarden, music school, sports clubs, animal welfare organization, etc. just to give you some ideas among other possibilities. 
You are expected to stay on the job minimum 6 months to maximum 1 year. 
You will not be paid a salary but might find “pocket-money-arrangements” or even accommodation (room & board) being offered to you. This will most probably n o t cover all you expenses! 
Participants in our program will sure experience lots of interesting and challenging aspects as well as develop deeper understanding of how pwo institutions in Germany work.

The FRAMEWORK of V.S. invites you to

  • Familiarize …with working routines
  • Try out …which tasks and activities suit you best
  • Plan …and realize own projects
  • Find out …which professional career you would like to pursue after your V.S.

The VS PROGRAM is open to everybody seriously interested in the above mentioned opportunities, no matter which nationality you are. 
For your APPLICATION you do not necessarily need to provide a current German address of residence.


  • You need to be at least 18 years old
  • You need to be younger than 26 years of age to apply for FSJ or FÖJ
  • No age limit for BFD (up to 18 years of age)
  • You need to accept 40 regular working hours per week
  • You need the language level A2 (according to the European framework of reference for languages)
  • YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT NECESSARY DOCUMENTS are provided by the authorities of your home country:
    • Residence Permit “for the purpose of employment” and/or Visa
    • CHECK REGULATIONS! in your home country

AGENCIES (in Germany called “TRÄGER”) offering VS

What they will do for you

  • They will support and help you as future volunteers from foreign countries planning to come to Germany in order to take part in the volunteer program
  • They will accompany your stay in Germany. Employees will support you as a volunteer as well as the place of assignment all through the V.S.
  • They will organize and accompany seminars and education offers during your stay


  • You are entitled to 25 days of education (“Bildungstage”) within a year. Although you will spend these days of education outside your place of assignment they will be considered as regular workdays.
  • You need not pay in order to take place (No fees!)
  • You will stay in hostels or conference centres, including tuition, activities, full board
  • Study arrangements will include workshops, practical exercises, guided experiences, outdoor activities, …
  • You will have a chance to meet many interesting new people, other volunteers, workshop teams, agency people, …
  • Selfreflection and vivid exchange of ideas will be triggered by various activities.


  • As explained above you will find “pocket-money-arrangements” and sometimes even accommodation (room &board) being offered to you
  • You will receive a legal social insurance (unemployment-, pension- and health insurance)
  • As explained above you are entitled to 2 5 days of education (“Bildungstage”) within a year
  • Your V.S. includes within a year at least 20 days of vacation
  • You will receive an ID with which you will get discounts (f.e. public transport, cinemas and museums)
  • Become familiar with models of public welfare in Germany
  • Be part of an international Community of young volunteers
  • Make new friends
  • Open up your mind to face new perspectives
  • Experience life in a foreign culture
  • At the end of your V.S. you will get a certificate.

Interested in finding a job?

  • Select “Stellen mit Unterkunft” 
    (If you wish job with accommodation)
  • Select “mehr erfahren” 
    (for job details and further information)
More open questions?
Contact "place of action“ for all info you need.